Update on life by you


Fabledom gameplay


Fabledom som jeg har spillet ind i mellem er nu opdateret til værende et færdigt spil. Det er derfor ikke længere udgivet med det der hedder tidlig adgang.

Jeg er nu gået igang med at spille dette eventyrlige spil igen. Det er et hyggeligt lille bygge spil – dog med  små opgaver der skal løses for at komme videre til næste niveau og låse op for nye ting.

Fablingerne er hyggelige og arbejdssomme – og jeg er nu spændt på hvad det fulde spil vil bringe med sig af ting og sager.



He’s back (Sims4)


EA made me lose my saved game about the story of Bob Ross. It’s happened 2 times now, so I’m definitely not happy. However, I love my Bob Ross figure so much that I have now started it for the 3rd time – and each time the story is different, because many details are different in the storytelling. Who does he befriend? How is his day? Where do I send him? and so on.
I have therefore downloaded my original Bob Ross that I made about 3 years ago. He “lives” in my gallery – and here is also his house, which I have saved with all the paintings – the other Bob Ross’s have painted.
My “new” Bob has advanced quickly and is already at level 7 in painting. I have played with him through spring, summer and now it is autumn and he has to hold a harvest festival. The smart thing about these holiday traditions is that you can change them and invent other traditions, and I have done that in this case, so that Bob is not overwhelmed by garden gnomes and other things that he might be annoyed by.
I will therefore tell another story about the experiences the “new” Bob Ross will experience.




Life by you opdatering


Min første post i år – hmm – der sker jo ikke så meget lige nu hvad spil angår

Men jeg skrev for nogen tid siden at life by you skulle udkomme i tidlig adgang d. 5. marts 2024.

Dette er nu ændret til d. 4 juni – men det kan jo blive ændret igen. Øv øv for jeg ville virkelig gerne spille dette spil og som tiden går er det jo svært at holde gnisten oppe.

And in english:

My first post of the year – hmm – there’s not much going on right now in terms of games

But I wrote some time ago that life by you should be released in early access on March 5, 2024.

This has now been changed to 4 June – but it can be changed again. Really sad, because I really wanted to play this game and as time goes by it’s hard to keep the spark up.

læs mere/read more:


Christmas house 2023 (sims 4)


This house I originally built as a country house for one of my games. The house is pretty good to play with so my sim moved the house to Willow creek where I changed the broadcast on the house to match Christmas. Last year the Christmas house was in red colors – this year I have chosen green and blue tones. The house can be picked up at the gallery under Simset4ever.

the house is situated on a 30×20 lot


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